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Project ID No.:                           

Name of Project: 

Sponsoring Presbytery:  _________________________________________________________________________


Evaluator : _____________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Phone No.: _____________________ Fax No.: _________________________ E-mail: ______________________

Date of Project: _______________________________________________________________________________

Goal/vision/purpose (as stated in application):        

How well did your project do in achieving its stated and/or adjusted goal/vision?   Rate from 1 to 5 with 1 being “very poorly”
and 5 being excellent.  

Explain your rating (that is, what contributed to its high or low score).

No.  of Youth Participating or Affected:  _________    No. of Youth Leaders Participating or Affected:  _________

Is this greater than/less than/about the same as the numbers anticipated?

If the numbers of youth and/or leaders was more or less than anticipated , list reasons for this if you can.

How as the project preceived by:  (a) the youth; (b) the leaders; and (c) the wider community that may have been affected
(parents, youth workers, congregations)?

What was the value of this project to (a) the youth; (b) the leaders; and (c) the wider community learn by from this project? 
(Consider skills acquired, practical learnings, insights, spiritual growth, Christian education, faith issues, life skills--anything that
may have been a result of this project)  

Would you do this project again or would you recommend it to someone else?   Explain:

If you were to start over with this project, what things would you do the same?

What would you do differently?  

Are there any learnings that might be helpful to the church in its ministry to youth and young adults?

Feedback/comments from the Youth:

Feedback/comments from the Youth Leaders:

Additional comments/reflections:

Financial statement:  on a separate sheet list  money received from Bay of Quinte Conference Youth Intiatives Project, money
raised for this project or from this poject; how the money recieved was used (detail expenses) and how income raised was used
or will be used).  

Income (monies received earned) :
                    Item                                               Amount

Bay of Quinte Youth Initiatives:  
Other souces (list):  


Expenditures (itemize, receipt copies if available):  
                     Item                                               Amount


 Name (printed):    ___________________________________    Position:   ___________________________

Date:                                 Signature:

Mail completed form to:
Youth Initiaves Project, Bay of Quinte Conference
c/o Rev. Gayle MacDonald, Chair
84 Peter Street
Renfrew, Ontario  K7V 1H8