During the Children's Time on Sunday I plan to use either a map or the world or a globe (I have to purchase a globe), and either straitght pins with coloured ball tops or straight pins with little flags and place them in all the places from which we have received greetings for World Wide Communion Sunday on this list. I will talk to them about this being WW Communion Sunday and that fact that in all these places (and many, many more) Christians will be celebrating communion and remembering that we are one family in God. Since this is also Thanksgiving Sunday, we will give thanks for all of you (which I would do anyway) in prayer.

Blessings, MGayle

Greetings to all of you from banks of the Nor'west Miramichi River, New Brunswick, Canada. As we will give thanks for your faithfulness and fellowship. As we join you in Spirit at the Communion Table, we give thanks for your presence in the world. The congregations at Whitneyville, Trout Brook and Red Bank wish you the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

M Gayle MacDonald
Red Bank Pastoral Charge
United Church of Canada
New Brunswick, Canada

We at Westminster Presbyterian Church, West Chester, PA, USA (just west of Philadelphia), send you greetings, and join with you in work and prayer for the day when people in our own community as well as our nations will "...come from east and west, and from north and south, and sit at table in the kingdom of God." Tho' invisible still, may these greetings make it ever more a reality in our hearts and minds!

Don Lincoln
Westminster Presbyterian
West Chester, PA

Greetings to all on this World Communion Sunday from Deep Run East Mennonite Church. We are a 255 year old congregation located north of Philadelphia, PA. In an anxious world that is prone to pursue power and national self-interest, our gathering at the table to share the Bread and the Cup of our Lord Jesus Christ re-affirms our commitment to the Body of Christ which knows no national boundaries. As many grains make one loaf, may our commitment to following Christ make us One Body. May we be renewed and empowered at the table by the One whose life, death, and resurrection we celebrate.

Pastor Tim Weaver
Deep Run East Mennonite Church
Perkasie, PA

World Communion Sunday was started in the early 1930's (can't remember exact year, but I could find out) by the Rev. Hugh Thomson Kerr, then pastor as Shadyside Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There is a large round plaque in the center of this church's chancel, with these details engraved on it. (I served on their campus ministry staff and then as director of youth ministry in the late 80s to mid 90s.)

My son now attends pre-school there every day, so I would be glad to get more details if anyone is interested!

Julie Thompson
First Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown, PA

As we join our spirits together on World Communion Sunday, may we all feel the healing touch of God's love and may we all commit to sharing the Good News of the Peace of Christ with all we meet.

Blessings from your sisters and brothers at First Congregational Church, Fairhaven, MA

We are family . . . all God's children are we! All are invited to sit at this grand table. People come from the North and the South, the East and the West to sit at table with our Risen Lord. Welcome and greetings from your sisters and brothers, and cousins by the dozens, and your uncles and your aunts at Christ Presbyterian Church -- a center of faith in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA, for living abundantly. (On the world wide web at www.LiveAbundantly.com )

God's children gathered at Artesia Christian Church in California, welcome our family as we gather at the Table; and we thank you for inviting us to share at your Table. Let us come together in God's shalom.

Darrel Manson ><>Artesia Christian Church
Artesia, CA
Sometimes I think faith is only about increasing peripheral vision, peripheral hearing.--Nora Gallagher

Thank you for this offer and service. I submit the following from Epworth Village Retirement Community Chapel in Hialeah FL:

The stained glass windows in Epworth Village Chapel proclaim One Faith, One Baptism, One Lord. Our combined experience of over 5000 years confirms the validity of this proclamation. We join our brothers and sisters throughout the world in breaking bread and sipping wine in this great fellowship of love. Peace and love from Epworth Village Retirement Village, Hialeah FL.
Larry Winebrenner, Chaplain
Epworth Village Retirement Community
Hialeah FL

Greetings from the Irvine Wesley Foundation, University UMC Student Fellowship at Irvine, CA. We are blessed as young adults, faculty and staff to celebrate in communion in heart, mind, spirit and table with all our brothers and sisters throughout the world. May the peace of God reign in our hearts as one. In Christ,
Lynn Munson,
Campus Minister, Irvine Wesley Foundation

Greetings to our sisters and brothers in Christ from St Barnabas Anglican Church, Mt Eden, in Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealanders will be among the first to celebrate Eucharist as today dawns, and we remember those churches who will be holding their celebration when our day is almost over.

"We thank thee that thy Church, unsleeping While Earth rolls onward into light, Through all the world her watch is keeping, and rests not now by day or night."

(- from the hymn "The Day Thou Gavest", J. Ellerton)
- Marnie Barrell, Music Director

Greetings to you from the people of Clarks Green United Methodist Church, Clarks Green, Lackawanna Co., Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA. On this special day we give thanks for the Body of Christ alive and active within the world of God's creation. When we gather at the Table of the Lord all fear is past and we know that hope is more than just a possibility. We have a glimpse of the Realm of God as we join our hearts and clasp our hands and sit at the Common Table set before us by God through the Christ. God is great; God is good; Let us thank God for our daily food.

Allen Siebold

As the children of God gather at the communion rail this Sunday, from two young sisters participating for the first time to an 88 year old continuing the practice of a lifetime, we re-member the Body of Christ near and far, young and old. Blessed to be invited to the feast of the saints, we send greetings from rural NY to sisters and brothers around the world.

Gail R. Wolling, Pastor
St. Johns - St. Marks Lutheran Church Canajoharie, NY
Trinity Lutheran Church
Stone Arabia, NY

Greetings to our brothers and sisters in Christ from Kimball and South Haven United Methodist Churches in Minnesota as we prepare to celebrate Holy Communion with our family throughout the world. As we gather we are reminded what binds us together in love and grace.

Blessings to you all on this glorious day in the Lord.
Rev. Heather E. McKee

As we gather at this table with many others throughout the world, let us remember that the issue is not whether or not we are invited, for all are. It is God's table, and Christ is the host. The issue we must confront is whether or not we are willing to sit at the table with ALL others that Christ invites. Let us consider the depth of what that means--especially now in these difficult times.

Blessings and peace to you from Gethsemane United Church of Christ in Houston, Texas, USA.

Janet Weiblen
Sugar Land, TX

In confusing times, we seek solace and comfort in fellowship of faith that sees beyond boundaries like those of nation, creed, and color. It can be hard to live beyond the boundaries of prejudice and fear, but we believe that there is where God calls us to live. May God find us faithful to this high calling. On this World Communion Sunday, the people of First United Methodist Church of Phoenix, Arizona, USA say to our brothers and sisters, "The Christ in me greets the Christ in you" and we join with you in praying for unity and peace in our world.

Rev. Peter K. Perry
First United Methodist Church of Phoenix
5510 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Grace and peace to you, our brothers and sisters all over the world. From the people of Pilgrim Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Lexington, Massachusetts, USA.

Judy Brain

On ths World Communion Sunday, please receive our our warmest aloha and our prayers for God's richest blessings on your church family. As we gather around the welcome table, may the bonds of our unity in the love of the Christ be strengthened and may we be nurtured by the sacred food which we receive as we endeavor to be a people of peace.

First United Protestant Church--UCC
Hilo, Hawai'i
Karin Stork-Whitson, pastor

Grace, peace and the love of God be with all our sisters and brothers on this Worldwide Communion Sunday. As we share the body and the blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ may we always remember the great sacrifice he made on our behalf. May this time of communion remind us that we are called to walk in his footsteps, and to love each other as he loves each of us.

Orleans United Church of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

The table is simple. It is a place on which to place the stuff of life. The table is simple. It is the place around which all who wish to gather may find room. The table is simple. It supports the meal which is for us, and for all, sustenance and salvation. On this day of World Communion may we remember that all are in need, all are invited, and all shall be satisfied. >P> Shalom.Salaam.Peace from sisters and brothers at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church in Portage, Michigan, USA.

Barry Petrucci

The peace of the Lord be with you. May the presence and the power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus be ever so real to you as we celebrate at His table together. Grace Community Pentecostal Holiness Church, Fayetteville, NC

Thanks for the greeting. Same to you from St. Mark's UMC in Tucson. God led us here from Ohio. My wife, Mary, is head of human resources for Comcast Cable in Tucson and I am a part-time associate at St. Mark's. We love Tucson, this is where God has placed us.
Blessings for you and yours,
Bob Pearce
P.S. I would have said something in Spanish but how quickly I forget - must be my age.

Dear friends... We, at Heritage Christian Church in Silver Spring, Maryland, join all of you in passing on greetings and expressions of love and joy as we approach World Communion Sunday. On Sunday I will picture myself joining hands with all of you and yours around the Lord's Table and will be aware of our unity at the table of our Lord. We look forward to a wonderful celebration as we have the contemporary music group "Selah" as our guests. I will also find a way to publish and share all the wonderful greetings I have seen from this list...
Blessings and peace....
Benchuck Manning
Rev. Ben "Benchuck" Manning, Heritage Christian Church,
Silver Spring, MD
Serving Disciples in Suburban Maryland and District of Columbia

Greetings from the people of the Bunyip & District Uniting Church (Garfield, Bunyip & Longwarry Congregations) of the Gippsland Presbytery in the Synod of Victoria.

We are three small congregations comprising of children, young people, families, couples, and older folks. Our communities of Garfield, Bunyip and Longwarry are situated in a dairying/orchard region 80 km. (50 miles) southeast of Melbourne. Some of the people commute to Melbourne or its surrounding suburbs; others work in the region in various occupations. Many of our older folk are now retired.

We pray this World Communion Sunday that all Christian people everywhere will make a determined effort to bring SHALOM (God's goodwill) to the communities and cultures in which they belong. Only together can we bring peace, justice and prosperity to our fractured world, torn apart by poverty, warfare and terrorism.

This will happen when all hearts and minds are re-shaped and molded by the heart and mind of Christ. Come, O Holy Spirit, come. And renew the face of the earth!

We pray for all peoples - those of differing faiths and religious (or political) persuasions. We especially pray for those who deem us "their enemies" - and those whom we regard not of our own. We pray for the victims and families of yjr recent terrorist attacks in America and other places in the world.

We recall the words of the prophet Isaiah:

Many peoples shall come and say, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; that he may teach us his ways and that we may walk in his paths." For out of Zion shall go forth instruction, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. He shall judge between the nations, and shall arbitrate for many peoples; they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. O house of Jacob, come, let us walk in the light of the LORD! /from Isaiah 2:3-5, NRSV/

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with the people of your congregation today as together we break bread with Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Rev. John Maynard, Minister
Bunyip & District Uniting Church (Australia)

As we meet at the Lord's table this World Communion Sunday the people called United Methodist in Aquashicola, Lehighton and Parryville pray that all Christians around the world will feel the power and presence of the the risen Savior and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Grace & Peace,

Jim Anderman, Sr. Pastor
Mike Remel, Associate Pastor
New Life Outreach Charge
Aquashicola: Salem
Lehighton: Ebenezer
Parryville: Parryville
United Methodist Churches
At the Lehigh Gap in
Carbon County, Pennsylvania, USA

To our beloved family, both near and far:

Greetings from ranching and farming country in the Flint Hills of Kansas. You are in our prayers this day. We are one family united by the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. As we share at our table this day, members of our congregation reading your greetings.

We thank God for the ability to connect with you.

Grace and Peace to you all.

Rev. Reta Joy Campbell
Saffordville United Methodist Church
Emporia, Kansas

The Union Congregational Church, United Church of Christ in Groton, Massachusetts, prays for Grace and Peace to you, our brothers and sisters in Christ. On this day that celebrates our unity we offer our prayers of gratitude for our shared ministries of hope and healing and joy through the gospel. As we gather at Christ's table we will hold you in our hearts and minds. May God bless and keep you.

May God bless and keep you.

Greetings from Montreal West United Church in Montreal, Quebec. May you have a blessed celebration of Holy Communion this Thanksgiving.

-- Rev. James Murray ,
Montreal West United Church
88 Ballantyne Ave. N. Montreal West, QC H4X 2B8

Brothers and Sisters, Calvary United Methodist Church offers this prayer of John Wesley for you and the Church everywhere.

"Hear my prayers for all humankind, and guide their feet to the way of peace. To this end I pray for the holy universal Church hat she may live by Your Spirit and reign in your glory.

Remember the branches of it which you have planted in all nations. Bless especially the stewards of Your holy mysteries (sacraments): give them such zeal and diligence and wisdom that they may save both themselves and those who hear them. Amen.

A Collection of Prayers for Every Day in the Week, 1738

Charles Emery

Please add greetings and Happy Thanksgiving from The Sunday Gang at St Anne's, Bewdley, Worcestershire, England. (about 20 miles SW of Birmingham in the middle)

Geoff Anderson

Please add greetings for WWC and Thanksgiving from Northampton United Methodist Charge (Jackson, New Hope, and Rehoboth Churches), Northampton County, North Carolina, USA.

The congregation at Immanuel United Methodist Church of Canton, Missouri, USA send you greetings of peace and hope this World Communion Sunday.

blessed be!
Stacey Nicholas
Immanuel United Methodist Church
Canton, MO
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MGayle: Please bring our greetings of peace and hope to your congregation from our congregation in Sarnia, Ontario ... Parker Street United Church. I have some dear friends in El Salvador and will pass this on to them and see if they will email you back. Blessings,
Evelyn McLachlan
Parker Street United Church
Sarnia, Ontario,

From the students and leaders of Leaside United Church School. We are having an intergenational celebration of Communion. We are in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ralph Taylor
Leaside United Church, Toronto

Dear Midrasher: Please accept the greetings of the children, youth and adults of Bethany Baptist Church family in Ottawa for your World Wide Communion service as we celebrate "fifty years of family" as our Jubilee anniversary theme.

Greetings to you on this Thanksgiving weekend.

Fred Demaray
14 Windbrook Cres.
Kanata, ON Canada K2M 1L4

did you want the actual invitation, or just a note that we're also celebrating? We are, and I can send you my actual invitation if you want it. It's fairly traditional. I plan to copy your idea; I have a 14" inflatable globe, so I'll use colored stickers instead of pins.

So please add greetings from Northminster Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, TN usa.

And also the West Kirk in Dumbarton, Scotland.

Christine Liddell
Minister, West Kirk, Church of Scotland, Dumbarton where we celebrate and share the good news of God's love.

Greetings too from Matamata Union Parish, New Zealand. We will be celebrating WCS while North America is still in Saturday.

One thing I often include at times like this is a run down of places in the world, and where we will be when they are going to church. I often include members of the congregation who have family overseas in this as well.



Nigel Hanscamp
Matamata Union Parish
(Methodist - Associated Churches of Christ)
Matamata New Zealand

Greetings from the children and adults at Clarks Green United Methodist Church, Clarks Green, Lackawanna Co., Northeastern PA, USA. (near Scranton, PA, north and next to Clarks Summit, PA).

Allen Siebold
Clarks Green United Methodist Church
Clarks Green, Lackawanna Co., Pennsylvania, USA

And greetings from the children of Grace Trinity UCC in Frederick, Maryland, USA, one hour north of Washington, D.C. and a half hour south of Camp David.

Patricia Barth

The children of Bodenham, Hope-under-Dinmore, Felton and Preston Wynne, Herefordshire, England would love to be "pinned" please!

Rev. Charlie Hill
Bodenham, Hope-under-Dinmore, Felton and Preston Wynne: Diocese of Hereford, Church of England

Greetings too from the Lord's Table in Glen Abbey United Church, Oakville, ON, Canada.

Hallelujah anyway! Grace and Peace.
John Shearman (UCCan. ret.)
Oakville, ON Canada

Greetings as well from the Atikokan Ontario where the leaves are multicoloured and there is a hint of possible snow in the weather forecast. Gord Waldie

And greetings from the kids at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Middletown, NJ. Yes, that's the same Middletown that had several hundred deaths at the WTC, even though there were none from WPC. So many in town died that everyone had a friend/neighbor/classsmate/etc. affected. The prayers from around the world mean a lot around here.


Greetings also from the Table in Illiopolis, IL

Melissa Meers
Illiopolis Christian Church (D.O.C.)
Illiopolis, IL

What a wonderful idea! I think I will do the same. I do have a globe already. I will be sure to add greetings from the various churches who have responded to this invitation through midrash. Please include mine from Bradford, Ontario (just north of Toronto)



Please add World Communion Sunday greetings from the children of Chinese United Methodist Church in Chinatown in New York City -- less than a mile from where the World Trade Center once stood.

Carolyn L. Stapleton

I love to visualize all these children everywhere! I hope we have a long list by Sunday! I'm off to buy a globe--

Patricia Barth
Takoma Park, MD

Greetings from St. Columba House in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A community center that is busy and filled with God's presence everyday.

Donna Leduc
Quebec, Canada

Greetings also from the Table in Illiopolis, IL

Melissa Meers
Illiopolis Christian Church (D.O.C.)
Illiopolis, IL

Greetings from the children of Craddockville United Methodist Church in Accomack County on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Peace and Grace,
Skeeter Armstrong

And greetings from the children of Grace Trinity UCC in Frederick, Maryland, USA, one hour north of Washington, D.C. and a half hour south of Camp David.

Patricia Barth

And greetings also from the United Church of Christ, Congregational in Ogden, Utah, USA where we "gather at the welcome table".

Peace and Blessings,
Carla Gilbert

Greeting from Mason, Texas. (2 Hours west of Austin.)

-- Shalom w'mishpat
(Peace with Justice)

Jim McClain
First United Methodist Church
Mason, Texas

Please add greetings from Eden Mills Congregational Church, First Congregational Church of North Hyde Park, Second Congregational Church of Hyde Park, Lamoille Valley, Vermont, USA.
--- Jo Hancock

And from the Clyde and Agenda United Methodist Churches in Kansas

And greetings also from the United Church of Christ, Congregational in Ogden, Utah, USA where we "gather at the welcome table".

Peace and Blessings,
Carla Gilbert

let me add greetings from the St Jacoby United Church of Christ in Morrison and the Zion-St Peter United Church of Christ in Potsdam, both of central Missouri, USA. This is a great idea, by the way.

bruce edwards

To our sisters and brothers in Christ around the world, the First Christian Church of Puyallup, Washington, USA, in the foothills below the majestic Mount Rainier, sends you greetings this World Communion Sunday. May God's spirit of peace bind our hearts together as a testament of hope to a broken world.

Nancy Gowler Johnson
First Christian Church of Puyallup
Christian Church(Disciples of Christ)
Puyallup, Washington, USA

Greetings from the piedmont of South Carolina, USA. Whenever we gather at the Lord's table we are always surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.
On this World Communion Sunday may we feel the power and presence of the risen Christ that we too may become faithful witnesses.

May the Lord bless us all,

Steve McCormick
Belair UMC
Fort Mill, SC USA

Greetings from the saints at Grace United Methodist Church in Rockford, Illinois. We will joyfully share the bread and the cup this day with our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. May God be with us all.

Rev.Maryann McFadden Meador
Pastor, Grace United Methodist Church
Rockford, IL USA revmare@hotmail.com

The people of the West Danville United Methodist Church send greetings to all our sisters and brothers around the globe who celebrate with us around our Lord's Table on World Communion Sunday. May your worship and your lives be Spirit-filled, and may you be a mighty force in the cause of peace and justice.

We stand together with you in Christian love.

The members and friends of the West Danville UMC
West Danville, Vermont
On the shores of beautiful Joe's Pond
Carol Borland, Pastor

Greetings from the People of Albright and Otterbein United Methodist Church of Sunbury Pennsylvania USA, where Jesus Reigns and where the waters of the North and West Branches converge into the Mighty Susquehanna River

Paul C, Kauffman
Pastor (Albright & Otterbein UM Charge)
Sunbury PA 17801

Greetings from Rod Koopmans, pastor and the congregation of St Croix Reformed Church St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

The wind of your Spirit is blowing, lift us, Lord, and help us soar with wings of confidence As we walk together through the sands of time, dreaming of tomorrow, laboring through the day Remind us of all your rainbow promises. May each day become a new adventure, of vision and prayer, of happiness and rejoicing Amen

Grace and Peace to You from Metropolitan Community Church of Hartford!

As Christians around the world gather at the table of liberation and love, we at MCC Hartford, together with over 300 MCC congregations in 16 countries, join our voices in the great song of faith. Blessings to your congregations on this day of days!
The Rev. George A. Chien,
Pastor, MCC Hartford,
Hartford, CT, USA,

All the Children of God at Morse/Herbert/Chaplin Pastoral Charge, Chinook Presbytery, Saskatchewan Conference, United Church of Canada extend our greetings and hopes for unity and spirit-filled moments to all those around the world who are celebrating World Wide Communion. May the Spirit enfold you in a embrace of love and justice for all!

Sandra Sellars/Lay Preacher
Morse/Herbert/Chaplin Pastoral Charge
South West Saskatchewan on the Trans- Canada Highway Half-way between Moose Jaw and Swift Current.
United Church of Canada

Grace and peace from the congregations of Cunningham and Ridgely United Methodist Churches in the northwest corner of Tennessee. We will rejoice to break bread and share the cup with our sisters and brothers around the world this Sunday.

Dean Emerson

Grace and peace from your sisters and brothers at Living Water Lutheran Church, Stevensville, Maryland, USA. We sit just off of the Eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay across from Annapolis, MD. We rejoice in the communion of the saints of God as we gather Sunday at the Lord's table. Together with God's people of every town and nation we are renewed by God's meal and strengthened for our service to our neighbors throughout the world.

Pastor Tom Miller
Living Water Lutheran Church
Stevensville, MD 21666

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ!

May He who shines forth in love and compassion be a beacon of hope for our brothers and sisters around the world. As we approach the Lord's Table this Sunday, we will hold you all in our hearts and prayers.

May God's richest blessings be with you.

Rev. Mark McDaniel
Community Presbyterian Church
Leavenworth, IN
"On the banks of the beautiful Ohio River."

Hi Folks, Thanks for the thoughtful discussion and helpful resources. I'm looking forward to future discussions!

I love the World Communion Greetings idea--is someone still working to compile them for use in worship? When will they be available? Looking forward to seeing them all. Here's mine:

As the people of Whitehall United Methodist Church join together at the great feast, we will be mindful of the ways we are joining as one body in Jesus Christ for a feast that includes the entire world. We pray for you in your celebration, and send greetings in the name of the Prince of Peace, our host and the author of this meal. Blessings and Peace,

Rev. Judy Utsler and the People of Whitehall UMC,
Whitehall, Ohio USA

Greetings in Christ to our brothers and sisters in Christ from the Wellsville United Methodist Church in Wellsville, Kansas. We offer our prayers with our all around the world for the possibility of peace and resolution of conflict without war.

Shelly McNaughton-Lawrence
Wellsville UMC
Wellsville, Kansas

We at the Russiaville United Methodist Church send greetings to our sisters and brothers in Christ. We meet today in borrowed space waiting to begin rebuilding our building. The building was destroyed by fire but the Church lives on in faith. May we be one in faith today and every day.

Richard Girton
Russiaville UMC
Russiaville, Indiana

Friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, people of the Body and the ministry we all share:

Please forgive my inability to "celebrate" World Communion Sunday in the mode than seems most popular. I just cannot find a day that in this time of history, which seems to uplift our "differences" rather than our "unity" something to be celebrated. It is a day when I as a pastor and person in the church grieves the things that have caused various denomiations and traditions within the Body of Christ to find need to be in schism and to continue such practices of divisiveness.

Until all Christian people can stand (or kneel, or be seated) at one table, sharing the same Spirit, the same bread, the same cup, the same body and blood of Jesus the Christ, I find that my own ministry is one to seek a deeper connection in ecumenism and unification than to celebrate something which no longer retains the meaning of its original intent when World Communion Sunday was first instituted by the WCC.
The question/issue for me is not how many times and on what ocassion a congregation celebrates Holy Communion (or the Eucharist). Rather, the difficulty I have is in celebrating a day in the breaking of bread and the lifting of the cup where we are not able to commune together as brothers and sisters in Christ because the polity and politics of the institution forbid it. So, this week and this coming Sunday, we will not be celebrating "World Communion Sunday" even though we will be keeping our practice of 1st Sunday of the month communion. Rather, we will be in prayer, confession, and repentance for the things we as Ridge Avenue UMC, the UMC, and we as individuals have done to make more divisions in the Body that to be a people of healing and reconciliation.

I bid you all the fullest blessings of peace and agape ... my the day hasten when we may all truly be "one" not just in Spirit, but in worship, ministry, mission, and practice ... Maranatha!


Gary L. Dillensnyder
Ridge Ave UMC Philadelphia PA

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
We of the Pioneer United Methodist Church in Auburn, California, bring you greetings and best wishes as we sit down with you at Christ's Table this Sunday, October 7th, 2001. Our world is torn by violence and hatred. The disparity between rich and poor is causing much suffering. As we partake of God's mystical Body, every 1.3 seconds, someone on this earth dies of hunger. Each such death is a recrucifixion of Christ. Our hope is in Christ, who died that we may live. May this World Wide Communion be a redemptive act of healing and a spiritual movement leading to justice for all the world. God bless us all.

Pastor David Leeper Moss, Pioneer UMC, Auburn, Ca. USA

Greetings from way down under: 'Dunedin - New Zealand'. I'm new to this list and somewhat overwhelmed by the volume, so I'm sure I've missed many lines of discussion. In light of the comments of Gary and others re the suitability of celebrating World Communion I thought I would share what we are doing locally.

Some months ago a few local ministers got together for the first time in many years to begin to support each other and seek ways to build greater understanding between our denominations. In the suburbs where I am based there are about 16 Christian congregations - most smallish (60 at worship would be an approx average). We range from Roman Catholic, through Angilcan, Presbyterian, Methodist, BAptist, Brethren, Pentecostal.

When we began discussing World Communion it became clear that none of us seek uniformity of practise or even doctrine as there is great richness in our diversity, however I guess we would all like to see greater unity in spirit as we recognise that we to indeed share the same communion in Christ. However we also had to concede that even this type of unity is greatly lacking.

So how do we respond at a tiome of World Communion to our obvious lack of 'communion'? IN our case we have decided to meet together anyway, to proclaim our mutual faith in God and at the same time to acknowledge our disunity.

How do we handle the 'Communion' or 'Eucharist'? We simply don't. We are not in a position to honestly share the bread and wine together so we won't be. Jesus prayed for our unity and we will simply be coming together to share our faith and confessing that we have failed him.

I guess we couldn't really call this a 'celebration' of World Communion but I do believe it will be a real and rich worship experience as we share our pain and hope for the future.

However you handle World Communion I pray that the LORD will bless and enrich your worship as you humbly and honestly seek true communion in God.



************************** Rev Ian Guy
Kaikorai Presbyterian Church
127 Taieri Road
New Zealand.

The peace of the Lord be with you. May the presence and the power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus be ever so real to you as we celebrate at His table together.

Grace Community Pentecostal Holiness Church, Fayetteville, NC

As you celebrate World Wide Communion Sunday, please receive our greetings in Christ on behalf of the Churches and Missions of the Baptist Federation of El Salvador, Central America. In this country, which recently emerged from decades of civil war and repression, and this year suffered a series of earthquakes, Brenda and I work to help develop community healing and Christian compassion.

Rev. Jim & Brenda Patterson
Esquina SO de 2 Avenida sur y 13 Calle pte
Santa Ana, El Salvador

Greetings to all our sisters and brothers as we share a holy, common meal this coming Sunday. May our Gracious and Loving God continue to bless your ministries.

Rev. Bob Pearce
St. Mark's UMC

God's blessings to one and all as well from upstate New York - south of Rochester and East of Buffalo -- Lakeville United Church of Christ, Lakeville, New York - on Conesus Lake (one of the "finger lakes") - where we seek to live as God's children and seek to welcome all to the table of grace.

In faith, rev Lauri Craig

Please add greetings from the children at First United Methodist Church, Swainsboro, Georgia, USA. Swainsboro is in the east central part of the state.


Nita Crump-Howard

Please add greetings from Bethany Lutheran Church in Viborg South Dakota USA
Where on Sunday we will have 5 - 5th graders who will receive communion for the first time.

Mindy Ehrke, Pastor
Bethany Lutheran Church, ELCA
Viborg SD USA

Let me add greetings from Sparrow Lake U.C. we are a summer Church closing this Sunday. We are in Kilworthy, N. of Orillia S. of Gravenhurst ,(the south end of Muskoka), Ontario. Where All are welcome at our Communion Table. God's peace and HIS love to all.

Sparrow Lake United Church
R.R. 1' Kilworthy Ontario

Marilyn Franklin
Jane of all trades master of some
P.S.The color of the leaves are beautiful right now.

And greetings from Redeemer Lutheran Church, Shawnee, KS (suburb of KC) May we be united in the Spirit, through the Spirit, by the Spirit.

Barb Girod, Pastor

And greetings also from the United Church of Christ, Congregational in Ogden, Utah, USA where we "gather at the welcome table".

Peace and Blessings,
Carla Gilbert

Greetings from the Whippany Road Church of Christ, Whippany, NJ. Those familiar with our various traditions, doctrines, etc. are often surprized to learn that we [that is, most of us] do not fence Christ's table. All are welcome.
Whippany is another bedroom community for Manhattan.

Curtis Stamps, writing from dear old New Jersey

"When some say they want to serve God, they mean in an advisory capacity."

And greeting from Kirk United Church, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the most northerly church on the list so far, I think. The nights are starting to freeze and the days getting shorter and shorter.

Paul Mullen Kirk United Church Edmonton, AB, Canada,

Hello and God's Peace from the people of Westminster Presbyterian, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

William Ball

Grace to you all, and peace, from the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus -- and from the Vine Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Arthur, Ilinois

Michael Johnson Vine Street Christian Church (Disciples) Arthur, IL

HI, my greeting may not have made it trough (I automatically delete greetings with my own name without reading them--I know what I said) But greetings from Riverview United Church in Atikokan Ontario

Please add greetings from all the young people at Cedar Park United Church in Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada. We are in a suburb on the island of Montreal, Quebec. Thank you everyone for this idea and Spirit-filled response. Truly what re-membering is all about!


Rev. Brenda S. Bell
Cedar Park United Church
The United Church of Canada

Let me add greetings from Stettler United Church, Stettler Alberta, Canada, not as far north as Paul Mullen at Kirk United in Edmonton but far enough north that we had our first snow of the season this morning as I drove to the Nursing Home to Celebrate Communion at 10:30. It didn't stay! ... and the weather is supposed to warm for the weekend back up to 15 c or 60 f.

Grace and Peace

Dave Denholm

Greetings from the congregation of Morgan Valley Christian Church located in Peterson, UT... just east of Ogden, Ut. We will be remembering you, our brothers and sisters in Christ in our prayers and as we join you at Christ's table on Sunday.

Pastor Fran Holm

Greetings also from brothers and sisters at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Sac City, Iowa, where the corn harvest is in full swing and Porktoberfest just around the corner; in Sac County, the home of the square dancing tractors.

Sharla Hulsey
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Sac City, Iowa

Greetings from the Endicott and Fairbury United Methodist Churches of Nebraska. We rejoice in joining together with all our brothers and sisters on World Wide Communion Day. Pastor Sharee Johnson

Add our greetings, as well, from the CT/NY border near Danbury.

Wilma H. White
Pastor, Ridgebury Cong'l Church, UCC
Ridgefield, CT

Greetings from the folks of Lynn Valley United Church, in North Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. We gain strength and courage in being a part of such a wide circle of God's challenge and God's care.

Sharon Copeman.

Greetings from Berta A Penney Memorial United Methodist Church in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

Greetings and prayers from the children and adults who will be gathering around the table at La Ronge United Church (northern Saskatchewan.)

Heather Wyatt

Warmest greetings and lots of the love from the children and adults of St. Thomas'-Junction Road Parish Church, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Bought a globe today (one with a lightbulb inside it). I always fancied one - so it was a great excuse as well as being a superb idea. I know our wee ones at the church will be so excited when I share all the greetings with them.

Shirley Blair

Greetings to all from the congregation of The Gorham Congregational Church UCC. Also, many thanks to Don for compiling the list.

Miryam Hammond, Pastor
Gorham Congregational Church UCC
Gorham, NH USA


I can't remember now if I have or haven't, I greet so many people!

Just to be sure, greetings to you all from the children of The Sunday Gang, St Anne's Church Centre, Bewdley, Worcestershire, ENGLAND. Bewdley is about 20 miles SW of Birmingham, in the middle of England.

It's going to have to be a pretty big globe to fit all these pins in Canada and USA.

One warning: before you stick the pins in, make sure it isn't one of those blow-up globes ...


Greetings from the children, youth, and young-at-heart of the All Saints Anglican Church in Erin, Ontario, Canada.

Leah McLeod

Greetings from the Panhandle of Florida where, in December, we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of our church on the beach.

Chuck Randle

Pensacola Beach Community Church (UCC)

God's blessings to one and all as well from upstate New York - south of Rochester and East of Buffalo -- Lakeville United Church of Christ, Lakeville, New York - on Conesus Lake (one of the "finger lakes") - where we seek to live as God's children and seek to welcome all to the table of grace.

In faith, rev Lauri Craig

Greetings of love and prayer from the Parish of St Bartholomew, Wilmslow in the North West of England, in the Diocese of Chester.

Sally Mullock
Parish of Wilmslow
St. Bartholomew's, St. Anne's & St. Francis'
Diocese of Chester

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I bring you greeting on behalf of our congregation, First Christian Church in Red Oak, Iowa (the southwest corner). On this very special day their is added joy in our congregation as we go to our Lord's Table knowing that we go this day in particular as a sign of the unity in Christ that we share across denominations and nations. May Christ's special presence be felt by each of you as we come to meet at His table.

JoAnn Thomas
First Christian Church
Red Oak, Iowa

Blessings to Christians around the world from the people and pastor of Community Congregational United Church of Christ, of Benicia, California, USA. Thank you for your many messages of unity and solidarity in Christ. -

Rev. Roger Straw

Greetings to all our sisters and brothers as we share a holy, common meal this coming Sunday. May our Gracious and Loving God continue to bless your ministries.

Rev. Bob Pearce
St. Mark's UMC

Grace and Peace to you on behalf of the people of The First Church of Christ, Congregational, in Bedford, Massachusetts. We are in Minuteman Country, right between Lexington and Concord, and home of the oldest flag in the US, the Bedford Flag, carried at the battle at the Old North Bridge. But we are very much in the present, and we are thankful to share in these greetings. They will enhance our awareness of the wider church, and in these uncertain times they will remind us of the great bonds of love and service we bear with you all in the name of Jesus Christ.

The First Church of Christ, Congregational, in Bedford (United Church of Christ), Bedford, Massachusetts
Rev. Jamie R. Howard, Pastor

The children of Moorefield United Church and St. James United Church in Rothsay (United Church of Canada) would love to be "pinned." We are a small, two-point charge two hours North West of Toronto in the province of Ontario.

Gord Dunbar,
Moorefield-Rothsay Pastoral Charge, Ontario,
United Church of Canada.

Peace and blessings from the children and youth of Dundalk United Church (about 130 km NW of Toronto, Ontario).

Janet Eriksen-Brooks
Dundalk Pastoral Charge
The United Church of Canada

From East Aurora (NY) Christian Church, southeast of Buffalo, the children and congregation join in our sisters and brothers from around MIDRASH in celebrating the oneness of life around the Welcome Table of Christ. We too will be using the list of greetings with our children. Thanks for a spirit-filled celebration this and every week.

A PS--one of our colleagues, the Rev. Debbie Baxter of Eggerstville (NY) UCC has been in the hospital for surgery this week. Please add prayers for her.

in love and peace,
amos acree, jr.
East Aurora Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
East Aurora, NY

from the land of Canaan (& Shaker country) in the beautiful Berkshires, where autumn blazes high, the children and congregation of Cannan Congregational UCC, in Canaan, N.Y., (Mass Conference), join hearts and hands with all of you at the Welcome Table - "pass the Word around: loaves abound!"

Interim Pastor
Cannan Congregational
Canaan, NY

Please add to the list the chidren of Glen Rhodes United Church, Toronto Canada, who lay down on a long roll of paper, traceed their arms with hands on the end, and made a VERY LONG HUG. Last Sunday, this was filled with greetings and blessings and names by adults at coffee hour, and this week it will be on its way to our American friends. We will be at our Table this week and with all of you in love and in prayers.
Reverend Susan J. Thompson on behalf of our kids and congregation and Lawrence Pushee, co-minister

Greetings also from the Brooklyn Pastoral Charge ( United Church of Canada), Brooklyn, Nova Scotia, Canada We are a four- point charge, located on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia, next door to Liverpool and our children will be excited to hear from so many other churches. Thanks for the idea. Karen.

Greetings from the children of Fairbank United Church, Toronto, Ontario

Rev. Judith M. Evenden
Fairbank United Church, Toronto

Greetings from the children of First United Methodist Church in Warsaw, Missouri, USA. We live in the land of the lakes in middle of the United States of America and send you God's blessings!

Rev. Diana Loomis
First United Methodist Church
Warsaw, MO, USA

Greetings, with prayers for peace on earth and one world community of unity in diversity, from the children and youth of Middle Collegiate Church in New York City.

Grace and peace,
Jeanne Boland
Minister for Education, Youth and Families
Middle Collegiate Church
New York City

And greetings, also, from the United Church of Christ, Congregational in Burlington, Massachusetts.

From the children, youth and adults of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Corsicana, Texas, grace and peace, to all the people of the churches who receive this post. We will remember you in our morning prayers on this world communion Sunday. Please remember us, too. Bob Young, Pastor

On this day when we pause to remember our unity in Christ may we all realize that the oneness is there even when unseen and untouchable. At a level deeper than our understandings Christ binds us, one to the other, with eternal cords of love.

Bob Ferguson
Trinity Baptist Church
Seneca, South Carolina

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On this World Communion Day may we remember Christians around the world are celebrating this meal of love. Through it and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we are bound together as one body.

We thank God for the many blessings received, including the fact that no one from our congregation was lost at the World Trade Center, and we continue to pray that all those involved in the multiple trgedies may find peace. On this day we are celebrating a family day with many children actively participating in leadership roles of worship. We also prepare to celebrate our 75th anniversay next month.

Pastor Valerie Horlacher on behalf of the congregation of Zion Lutheran Church in Ridgefield, N.J, (just a few miles from what used to be the World Trade Center.)

Greetings from the Grace United Methodist Church in Bradford, Vermont. This Sunday we are celebrating that our Communion Table is large enough to reach around the world. Especially in light of recent past events, we celebrate the beauty of autumn leaves in full color, a reminder to us that God's creation is good! God's blessings upon you all.
Rev. Michelle M. Sabin, pastor

Greetings from First Baptist Church, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - in the heart of the Canadian prairies.

Paul Matheson.

To friends all over the globe, blessings and greetings to you on this Worldwide Communion Sunday from the people of West Concord Union Church (United Church of Christ) in Concord, Massachusetts!
Meredith Allen

Greetings and God's blessing from the children (young & old) at St Paul's in Putaruru in the middle of the North Island, on the edge of the forest region, and in the midst of much dairying; all reminders of God's goodness.

Rev. Gary Husband
St Paul's Co-operating Parish
New Zealand

Greetings from St. Stephen Presbyterian Church (USA) in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Greetings from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I suppose this could count for greetings from Arizona, because that is where I am from.

David Adams
St. Anne's Winnipeg

I send you greetings from the People 's Republic of China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Our Church will have five Communion services tomorrow. These will be celebrated with people of 26 different nationalities present. The largest ethnic group will be our Filipinos and the smallest will be one from Iraq who is an asylum seeker and who wavers between the Christian faith and Islam.

Our children will be focussing on what the words "world" and "communion" mean.

We wish you well wherever you may be. Is it not great that we are being reminded that we are called and hosted by Jesus to be in communion with him and with each other? I wonder, if we acknowledge that, what it means for us Christians throughout the world who are called to be people of peace and grace.

Peace and Grace be with you all.

Barry Prior. Surviving the heat in Hong Kong.

Ok, so it's been a rough week, and I'm just now getting around to reading the 300+ messages. Ok, so you already have greetings from Missouri. Too bad, you're getting more.

Greetings from rural northeast Missouri, right in the middle of Mark Twain country, just outside of Hannibal. The people of the Monroe City United Methodist Church, and their slightly frozen Pastor (love those High School football games!) greet you, and wish for you a peaceful, and well connected, World Communion Sunday.

Peggy J.
Monroe City (MO) UMC

Greetings to all from Bridgeport United Church of Christ in Portland Oregon!
A thriving new church with a table open to all!!

Susan Leo
Bridgeport United Church of Christ
621 NE 76th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97213

"The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends inexorably toward justice." The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I bear greetings to you all on this World Communion Sunday from the northeastern-most county in the state of Missouri, USA. I serve three rural United Methodist churches in the eastern half of Clark County while my husband serves the four rural UMCs in the west half of the same county.

One of my churches is using the theme of World Communion Sunday throughout the weekend. We began tonight with a block party for our entire community. We had several families and lots of children who came for free food, games, crafts, and hayrides. On Sunday this same church will host all of the 4-H members of Clark County for 4-H Sunday. We want the good folk of our communities to know that Christ welcomes all to the table.

Grace, Peace, & Blessings to you all,
Rev. Rebecca Dunger Peak, pastor
Wayland Circuit United Methodist Churches
St. Francisville ~ Wayland ~ Bluff Springs
105 Hagerman St.
Wayland, MO 63472

I don't remember an Idaho. Greetings from MCC of the Treasure Valley in Boise, ID.

Robert Cross, Pastor
TVMCC, Boise, ID

Greetings also from me at Piopio, New Zealand.
(I am not authorised to do things on behalf of the parish, and most of the people here have little interest in the e-mail So simply send it personally.)

Blessings, Gaynor McCartney

Family over the world, your brothers and sisters in Matatiele and Cedarville Methodist Churches (Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa) send their fond greetings to you on this worldwide communion Sunday, in grace, peace and the fellowship of the holy spirit.

Adrian (Roux)

Greetings from Tyrone Presbyterian Church, a county church in Western Pennsylvania.

Greetings from the church family in the Uniting Church at Kilcoy a small rural community located 100 kilometres from Brisbane Queensland Australia.

Greetings on this World Communion Sunday from the beautiful bluffs of West Central Illinois. As the trees begin to change their foliage from green to all the wonderful colors of the Fall season, may the beauty of Christ and the grace of our God be with you all.

Howard SalleeGreetings on this World Communion Sunday from the beautiful bluffs of West Central Illinois. As the trees begin to change their foliage from green to all the wonderful colors of the Fall season, may the beauty of Christ and the grace of our God be with you all. Howard SalleeGreetings on this World Communion Sunday from the beautiful bluffs of West Central Illinois. As the trees begin to change their foliage from green to all the wonderful colors of the Fall season, may the beauty of Christ and the grace of our God be with you all. Howard Sallee
West Pike Parish UMC Hull, IL.

Alright! Alright! Maine MUST be heard from!

Greetings from the First Parish Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, in Yarmouth, Maine, at the mouths of the Royal and Cousins Rivers, on the coast just north of Portland, where it seems that autumn will be descending in all its blustery coolness this weekend.

Lorain Giles, Pastor

I send greetings from Eastern upstate New York, and the United Methodist Churches in Cambridge and Shushan. May we know the love that binds each of us together in the mindst of differences.

Peace--Jane Baker

We had almost forgotten the need to pray for peace...May this Sunday be the beginning of RE-MEMBER-ING of the Christian family, as we come together in prayer, worship, and remembering our Lord and Savior. Pastor Cathy Hamblin and other family members from First United Methodist Church of Wausau, Wisconsin

The people and pastor of Mt. Holly United Methodist Church sends its greetings on this World Communion Sunday. May peace prevail in this difficult time. May recent events bind us together in Christ and the cross: one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and father of all.

Mt. Holly United Methodist Church, located in Fairdale, Kentucky, just 14 miles from Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby, and about the same distance from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary and Louisville Southern Baptist Seminary, in the Bluegrass area of the state.


Sisters and Brothers in Christ, As I read through these greetings, it makes me think of how many leaves have been added to our little Table at Birchwood United Methodist Church. It will be good to be with you tomorrow, at that one big Table where Christ is the host.

Blessings and Peace to you!

Rev. Melanie Baker-Streevy
Birchwood United Methodist Church
Battle Creek, Michigan USA

Greetings from the children at Knox United Church (United Church of Canada) in Belgrave, Ontario. We are a small rural congregation an hour and a half north of London.

What a great idea. I, too, will share your greetings with the children tomorrow morning. Thanks.

(Rev.) Ethel Miner Clare

Belgrave Pastoral Charge (United Church of Canada)Greetings from the children at Knox United Church (United Church of Canada) in Belgrave, Ontario. We are a small rural congregation an hour and a half north of London. What a great idea. I, too, will share your greetings with the children tomorrow morning. Thanks. Ethel (Rev.) Ethel Miner Clare Belgrave Pastoral Charge (United Church of Canada)


What a great job you and others have done in organizing the greetings. Thanks so much!

I send greetings and prayers from the North Kingstown UMC, just outside of historic Wickford village, in Rhode Island the smallest state in the United States of America (with the longest name "The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations).

Beverly Stenmark
North Kingstown UMC, RI, USA

Greetings and blessings from the Metropolitan Community Church of Boston, MA, USA, where we note WCS as we celebrate the 33rd birthday (10/6) of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches. As every week in every MCC, the communion table at MCC Boston is open to all.

We join you in prayers for peace, with justice, in our hurting world.

-- (Rev.) Joan M. Saniuk, Ph.D. // Pastor, MCC Boston

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the people and children of Grace United Church as well as our newly formed house church for youth, located in Edmonton, Alberta. I appreciate the wealth of information with this connection and wish you well.God's blessings.

Jo-Ann Wilson Symonds - Diaconal minister.

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

As a retired priest I cannot represent anyone but myself. However I am sure that .the various churches where I celebrate and preach from time to time would want to share in this expression of fellowship and good will and prayer: St James Anglican in Massey Ontario, St Peter the Apostle Anglican in Elliot Lake Ontario, Faith Lutheran in Elliot Lake Ontario, and St Saviour's Anglican in Blind River Ontario. All locations are on or near the north shore of Lake Ontario and Highway 17 between Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie. Tomorrow I will be in Massey.

The Rev Dorothy Daly, Elliot Lake ON


thank you so much for all this work! What a blessing to us.

I don't think there have been any greetings from BC yet...so warm greetings from the children of Cedar United Church and Chemainus United Church on sunny (it is today!) Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada! Both churches have a small Sunday School with children 7 and under. May God bless you all in your remembering of all that God has given and in your

thanksgiving. Shalom,
rev. michelle slater

As we gather around the table and give thanks, we will be holding our sisters&brothers in our thoughts and prayers.

Pictou United Church
Pictou Nova Scotia

And add greetings from the wonderfully unique kids God created at United Church of Paducah, UCC, in Paducah, KY -- on the Ohio River, 2 hours westnorthwest of Nashville, TN. It will be an awesome feeling to be connected to so many others.

Karen Knodt, interim pastor

Greetings from St. Alban's Anglican Church in Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada.

Greetings from Hinton United Church, Hinton Alberta..... gateway to the Rockies, 45 minutes from Jasper.

I had already planned to offer a variety of breads from various world cultures, as I talk with the children ( and the rest) about World Wide Communion). These greetings will add to the meaning of that time!
Tammy Allan, Diaconal Minister

Greetings and hugs from the expat children of St. Christopher's Cathedral in Bahrain. Their animal are being blessed this Friday.

Many blessings and prayers from
Mary Arneson
St. Christopher's Cathedral
Manama. Bahrain
The Middle East

Please add greetings from the children of The First Church of Deerfield, Massachusetts (UCC & UUA)
Fran Ruthven, Interim Pastor

Our wish from Elkland Christian Church, Elkland, Missouri, is that all of God's children may be united in love. It hasn't happened yet, but sharing one cup, one loaf, can be a step in that direction. May it be so.
Eric J. Chism,

Greetings from Ardrossan United Church, Ardrossan ,Alberta, Canada (just east of Edmonton). On this World Wide Communion Sunday we also celbrate Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada and indeed give thanks for our brothers and sisters around the world who celebrate with us this blessed meal of hope and promise. May God's richest blessings touch us all.

Mervin Gallant

From Maine -- From 12 miles out to sea in Penobscot Bay off of Rockland (mid-coast), I send you all greetings from North Haven Baptist Church, a small(er) congregation affiliated with the American Baptist Churches and the Maine Sea Coast Missionary Society. Baptist by affiliation, community in spirit, growing in the practice of our faith.

Dave Macy

The children, youth and adults of Middleburg Heights Community UCC, Middleburg Heights, Ohio join with all of you in gathering around the table of Christ's blessings and love.

We are so excited about this prospect tomorrow. The Faith Formation Class has the bread prepared and will carry it to the altar during the Call to Worship. This is the first time they will be introduced as a new class and what a way to begin.

The children will sit with the pastor - globe in hand - and shiny stars in their fingers ready to place their markers on all of the places that you all are part of. They will know that they are part of God's creation. This was a wonderful idea in the beginning of the week and who could have imagined that it would have such an effect on everyone. God's powers just never cease to amaze.

Thank you to those who have so carefully provided all of the updates. What a timesaver for the rest of us. God bless all of you.

Mary Hart DRE
Middleburgh Heights UCC
Middleburg Heights, Ohio

Greetings on World Communion Sunday from the congregation of the United Church of Roscoe which is located in the southwestern Catskills of New York State. We are a federated church ... UCC and UMC.

Theo Lynne Hoffman, Pastor
6 October 2001, 4:22pm

From our Community to yours, we wish you the blessings of good bread broken and shared and a cup large enough for all who thirst for righteousness. As a reconciled and reconciling people, we look forward to the day when all God's children will gather at one table to keep the feast. Until then, we remain yours in Christ, devoting ourselves "to the apostles teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread and the prayers" (Acts 2.42).

Blessings and Peace,
Rev. David E. Cobb
Community Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Richardson TX 75080

MG and others;

I got a personal greeting from a colleague in the Bahamas - figured it could go to the list.

The Saints of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Kirk in Nassau send their greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to our brothers and sisters. May the blessing of God abide with you, as you worship and serve our Lord, and as you grow in love and service to each other.
In Christ, Rev. Dr. James R. Berger, Minister
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Kirk,
The Church of Scotland in the Bahamas.

Don Lincoln

I earlier sent greetings from our congregation. I don't really have the authority to do that, officialy, either, although I'm the Rev. here, because the board never voted on it.

But I know the people well enough to know they'd vote in favor of it. So, by the power vested in me by the Spirit, I sent the greetings anyway.

And assuming that Pam wouldn't be in the Whitechurch parish church if there weren't at least a few other open-to-the-world souls liike her, I will report to the congregation that we have received greetings from that parish.

(But if the authorities investigate, Pam, I won't rat you out.)

Michael Johnson Vine Street Christian Church (Disciples) Arthur, IL

Am I too late? Like some others, I don't really have authority to send greetings from the congregation, but as Congregational Chairperson and Elder, I'll do it anyway

Greetings from the congregation of St. Philip's Uniting Church, Airport West, a north-western suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Not much use giving them from 'the children' as we rearely have any and when we do, they're mostly toddlers who wouldn't understand. We won't be celebrating Holy Communion today, but I'll mention WWC Sunday and the fact that I've passed on greetings.


Marion Latham
Elder, St. Philip's Uniting Church
Airport West

We at Magnolia United Methodist Church in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana (near Baton Rouge), wish all of you God's richest blessings as we gather around the Lord's Table tomorrow in the one Spirit and in one name--Jesus Christ. We pray for all of you and for our unity in Christ.

-Rev. Karen Davis
--- Geoff- Thank you for missing our state. I am caring for a sick mother while I make arrangements to put her in a nursing home :( But surely there are others in Louisiana on this list?

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