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Mother's Day Prayer

composed by Rev. M. Gayle MacDonald
for use in worship

Most Holy and Eternal God, your love is from everlasting to everlasting. We put our faith and our hope in you.

This day we approach you mindful of the world in which we live. In this country and in many others, Mothers are being remembered and celebrated, families being honoured and recognized. Our prayer today is for the joys and sorrows this day brings.

For those who have mother they dearly love, may we take time today to appreciate the gifts and graces that have come to them through their mother.

For those whose mother is dearly loved but no longer living, may we take time to remember the gifts and graces that have come to us through her.

For those who have recently lost or who are facing the imminent loss of their own dear mothers, may they find comfort in their grief, hope in their despair, courage in the love they have received.

We give thanks, God, for these good mothers who gave us birth. We give thanks for the families who have and who do sustain and support us in our living, who love us no matter what!

We pray, compasstionate God, for those whose mother has been a source of hurt and pain, for all those for whom one or more members of their family has caused them to suffer. May they find refuge in your love. May their wounds be healed. May they find in you, in us, in others, the nurturing, sustaining love that is needed for their growth and well-being.

We give thanks to you, O God,for all those who, responding to the difficult lives of others, have stepped in to become surrogate mothers; for those who, in the absence of our own mothers, for whatever reason, have stepped into our lives providing the guidance and stability, the nurture and the love needed.

We remember single mothers and fathers who struggle to be both parents to their children--to provide all the emotional, physical and spiritual needs without the constant support of a spouse. May they find the strength, the courage and wisdom for their task.

Look now, loving God, upon all those who are mothers--biologically or by the role they play in the lives of others. May they remember what precious treasures children are. We join all mothers everywhere in praying that their children may be a joy and a blessing.

We pray for those mothers who have been hurt, disillusioned, or disappointed in their role as mother. We pray for those who have been denied a longed-for chance at motherhood, and for those whose years of mothering have been cut short by the loss of a child. We turn to You, most holy God, knowing trusting that you can console consolation seems impossible. May these receive comfort for their soul and peace and hope for living that their gifts may not be denied to others.

Hear our prayers this day, O God, and give to us such assurance of your love that your love may spill forth from us into the lives of others.


Red Bank Pastoral Charge - United Church of Canada:

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